"Since all cannot do tapas (austerities) the easiest and most universally acceptable form is namasankeertana. It opens the door to the province of bhakthi as the songs are dedicated to the glorification of Lord." - Sri Swamiji

Datta Yoga Center DFW (DYCDFW) satsangh group meets every week for satsangh. Satsanghs are held every Thursday from 8PM - 9PM at the residences of the devotees.

The following is the format followed for the Satsanghs:
1. OM for 5 minutes
2. Shiveti Shauriti
3. Ganapati Bhajan
4. Dattatreya Bhajan
5. Guru Bhajan
6. Siva Bhajan
7. Visnu Bhajan
8. Devi Bhajan
9. Others (Can sing bhajans pertaining to any Diety)
10. Hanuman Bhajan
11. Mangalam and Tvameva mata
12. Kakada Aarati

The Satsanghs are conducted according to the format specified by Sri Swamiji during his visit to Dallas in 2003.

Please click here for the upcoming Satsangh schedule.

"Bhojana is for the development of the body so is bhajan for the development of the soul" - Sri Swamiji