The following is the Speech given by Sri Swamiji during his visit to Dallas in year 2003.

Today I want to give instructions about the conduct of a Satsang. There is much confusion in all centers about the pattern of a Satsang. Please carefully observe and follow the exact pattern.

1) Light a lamp. Chant OM for five minutes.

2) Start the session with SHIVETI SHOUREETI.

3) Then start with a Ganapathy Bhajan. Sri Swamiji sings 'Gana Gana Munaku Pathiyeinana'

4) After Ganapathy Bhajan, go to Guru Bhajan. I mean Datta Bhajan. Sri Swamiji sings 'Dattam Bhaja Dattam Bhaja Re Manuja'

5) After this sing a GURU BHAJAN. After that go to Shiva Bhajan. Sri Swamiji sings 'Namah Parvati Pataye Maha Deva Shambho'

6) Then move to Vishnu Bhajan Sri Swamiji sings 'Srinivasa Govinda'. Sri Swamiji sings 'Dum Dum Dum Dum Durga'

7) You can then go to other deities like Surya, Ayyappa, and Subramanya etc. But you MUST sing Shiveti Shoureeti first. Then Ganapathy, Guru, Shiva, Vishnu and Devi. These are compulsory. Shiveti Shoureeti is the Ashrama's universal prayer.

This is the order that has to be followed in any Satsang. This is my Order.

Today I chose to sing on Sun God Sri Swamiji sings 'Soorya Deva Paahi Paahi' Sri Swamiji sings 'Ayyappa Swaaminamaashraye' Sri Swamiji sings 'Alandu Alandu Vaa Vaa'

8) After that read the text of a speech of Sri Swamiji's speech. It is very important to learn the message of Sri Swamiji. Swamiji regularly uses small stories to drive home a moral. Understand the moral and explain them to children. It may take 20 minutes.

9) After that you can move to TATTVA BHAJANS. It means Bhajans with philosophical strain. If you know the tune, go ahead.

10) After that Mangala and Kaayena Vaacha.

11) Then the Kakadarati commences. Manasa Datta sings Sri Datta Devam Shirasa Namaami

If you want Swamiji's presence remember to sing in the same pattern. Don't forget Shiveti Shoureeti in the beginning. Let us sing now. Sri Swamiji sings 'Shiveti Shoureeti'
Sri Guru Datta